I have created a Center to raise the level of consciousness to help people. At first it was a clinic in the mountains, where I worked on certain days in the week. Then, at the request of the people, I moved to the city, as many, because of the severity of their disease, it was very difficult to get to treatment sessions in the mountains.

Currently, sessions are held at the Center of the level of consciousness in the city of Almaty. But my task is to create up to 500 of these centers in every corner of our planet. And if you have a desire to help me in this - we are able to contact and specify the conditions for the creation of such a center for healing of body and soul. I'll teach you all necessary and I will be standing next to consultation and directly for the aid.

To conduct energy sessions a medical room is needed, where there are several beds, on which patients lie. At the beginning the prayer should be read. Basically it is the Our Father. But is permissible to read any prayer, you know.

In the process of reading prayer the flow of energy comes from you, then that energy coming from you, is connected to the energy of the positive space.

Feelings of all are different, but there is a common standard by which I observe and fix for many years.

At the beginning of the work is going on your aura, its cleaning. In parallel, work is provided with the blood and lymph. Next - work with the whole body systems - circulatory, respiratory, cardiovascular and so on, as well as separate organs.

Possible sensations - tingling all over the body or in specific organs, severity of the condition throughout the body, also only in hands and feet, or on the contrary a sense of lightness and weightlessness.

Also during the sessions the visions and answers to the questions in the form of bright scenes or just thoughts are possible, that will be understood and accepted by you as answers to the questions.

Prerequisite to attend a first session, it's reading the brochure-amulet "No karma! But there is a staircase to the consciousness". After reading takes place immediately work with your biofield - this is its purification and restoration, work with the blood and lymph, as well as the formation of the information about you in the information field.


Appointments may be on What’sApp
+7 (777) 237-09-05
+7 (747) 627-95-56

Price: 1000 tenge